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Energy Healing

Art of healing Therapy Academy. aims to provide a friendly, relaxed and conducive environment to all who are interested in exploring or expending their inner path/spirituality.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a method which restores, balances and manipulates the flow of our physical energy within and outside our body, and also the environment/universe. The energy is channelled through the palm of the practitioner to the receiver/client, by helping them to remove their energy deficiencies and blockages, where the energy will then activate the natural ability of their self-healing power. 

Energy healing was a fully developed and vast medical system which has been recorded since many ancient civilizations to keep our mind, soul and spirit in healthy condition. Our human body is the advance energy system which is comparatively align with the universe, any imbalance in the body system will create obstruction to the energy flow, i.e. illness, discomfort and etc. The main function of energy healing is trying to ensure the circulation of the energy is sufficient and unobstructed. 

The whole body system is a creation of the “Energy” and the energy is being defined as the underlying infrastructure of the physical body. The health of the body, soul and mind is a reflection of the energy field and this energy field is an intellectual system that controls our health and healing power.

Good or Bad health is defining the evenness or unevenness of the energy flow or the correct frequencies or imbalance frequencies of the energy flow which able or unable to aligned or balanced our energy field, which reflect our body, speech and mind action. 





Certified Energy Healer Course

What is Energy Healing?

“Energy” means the movement of all “QI” which is related and non-related to our body, souk and mind. This energy is the natural energy which exist all the time, with or without your realization. 

“Healing” means an effective method which is able to release, balance and restore the body condition or the environment into a stable and clam position. Healing helps to enhance the energy flow inside our body or the environment surrounding us.

Certified Energy Healer Course is designed based on the simple theory of the “QI” which enable the practitioner/healer to confidently use the energy to carry out self-healing and heal for others. This is an easy and simple way of healing, which after attuned by a qualified energy healer, the practitioner can through their palm to transfer the energy from the universe to heal others.

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